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From a tender age, us lot at Crazy Wizard have always taken our fancy dress game seriously. But being busy guys and girls like you, there’s never enough time to get out and visit a fancy dress hire shop these days. Hire stock can also be limited on choice, overused and out-of-date, too. Plus, who wants to spend more dosh borrowing and returning an outfit than buying one to keep forever?So we put our party heads together one day… and out popped the Crazy Wizard. We now proudly offer the very best range in top quality fancy dress costumes in the UK, tried and tested rigorously by experienced party people.

We don’t just do your typical fancy dress costumes here, though. We might have more afro wigs, Disney character onesies and creepy Halloween costumes than you can shake a broomstick at, but Crazy Wizard likes to be one step ahead of the game. We stock all manner of inspired fancy dress ideas based on upcoming seasonal events like the Oscars and World Book Day, the BRIT awards and new film releases, days of historical importance and summer festivals. We’ve got thousands and thousands of ideas for your next party, in a range of sizes from children’s up to XXXL.

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