Welcome To Crazy Wizard Fancy Dress

Welcome To Crazy Wizard Fancy Dress

Hello! This is our very first blog post and we thought we’d take a moment to introduce ourselves properly to all you party people. It’s important that you know who you’re dealing with here, because we’re totally devoted to fancy dress and costume parties. Our extensive fancy dress collection of costumes and accessories has been carefully curated for quality and variety by the most seasoned party experts. Partying is a serious business here.

Yep, we’re a team of fancy dress fanatics who have always taken our fancy dress game seriously. Back in school we were the little boys and girls who’d fight tooth and nail for the crown in any fancy dress competition. It was us stealing the spotlight in every school play. We were the ones who insisted that any drama activity involved full costume and props. We’d spend weeks planning our costumes before friends’ birthday parties, adamant that nobody would show up looking as impressive as us. And there was nothing worse for us as kids than to turn up at the school Christmas disco to find someone else had also had the inspired idea to dress up as a fully decorated Christmas tree too. Literally nothing.

Then we grew up (a bit) and became known in our social circles for the parties we threw, for ourselves and for others. Fastidiously planned and always with an original but strict fancy dress code, our happiest memories, silliest snapshots and best moments ever usually involve some form of fancy dress. From Elvis themed weddings in Vegas to Hen Dos dressed up as runaway brides, throwing awesome parties is our absolute passion and we’re lucky guys and girls to have made this our business.

So it was our shared love of parties and fancy dress that led to the creation of Crazy Wizard. Chatting to friends and revellers it became clear over years of epic fancy dress events and parties that there’s never enough time to get out and visit a fancy dress hire shop these days. We’re all too busy. And even then, fancy dress hire costumes can be a bit naff: moth-eaten musty and out-of-date. And you don’t even get to keep your costume afterwards – what’s all that about?

So here you have it: your one-stop shop for all your fancy dress needs. But we’re no ordinary online fancy dress shop either. The Crazy Wizard always likes to be one step ahead of the game.  So as well as stocking a huge range of traditional fancy dress outfits for more conventional party themes, we’re an ideas shop too and we’ll keep you up to speed with costume ideas related to upcoming events like festivals and new film releases, days of historical importance and national holidays. Thousands of ideas for your next party, with a range of sizes catered for, from children’s up to XXXL.

Keep an eye on the Crazy Wizard blog for the heads up on inspirational costume ideas for upcoming events over the year. Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter too so you’re the first to know about all our offers, news and new stock. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #CrazyWizardFancyDress when you share your fancy dress pics, either!

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