Hands up who’s got their tickets for Star Wars: The Force Awakens? We do! It’s premiering in the UK on Wednesday 15th December and we’ve got plenty of brand new costumes in stock to celebrate.

Whether you’re planning a group cinema trip in character costumes or a Star Wars fancy dress party with your mates, we’ve got the outfits and props for everyone – kids included. Ready to roll out that red carpet? Popcorn at the ready – let’s go!

So, ladies first: introducing our Princess Leia Deluxe costume. A long and floaty, hooded white dress with belt, white boot tops, and – most crucially – the iconic Princess Leia wig! This costume comes in one standard size. Ready to lead that Rebel Alliance into battle? The force is strong with this one!

Kids are covered for your Star Wars party too, with this ace little StormTrooper fancy dress outfit. Comprising an authentic jumpsuit and mask, this one looks especially impressive as part a group, so why not dress up the whole brood in matching suits? And grab yourself the Adult Storm Trooper Costume while you’re at it…

Fancy yourself as a bit of a Yoda type? We’ve got fantastic Yoda costumes in stock! With a large Jedi robe and realistic Yoda face mask, all you need to prepare for this role is your authentic Yoda-speak. Simply switch around your sentences so the subject comes first (‘my name is crazy wizard’ becomes ‘crazy wizard my name is’), or use this nifty Yoda Speak Generator to get fully fluent before the party starts.

Get practising that raspy, heavy breathing for your evening as Darth Vader. Our costume set includes jumpsuit, cape, belt and mask. Or dress in our Jedi fancy dress costume with our long, hooded robe. This particular costume lets you choose your specific character and customise your costume as you like: become Yoda with a bit of green face paint, or blonde and blue-eyed blokes can become Luke Skywalker in an instant.

A few Star Wars party planning tips from the Crazy Wizard:


-       Roll your cutlery up in brightly-coloured napkins and secure with a band of black and silver card at the bottom to look like a pile of mini light sabres. Use the (knives and) forks, Luke!

-       Create a simple backdrop for individual shots and group photos by pinning a Star Wars poster to a door and setting up a camera and tripod in front of it.

-       Decorate the party space with signage that puns on Star Wars quotes. ‘Now Was Your Hans,’ for example. Can you do any better?


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