New Year’s Eve dress up themes for the best NYE ever

New Year’s Eve dress up themes for the best NYE ever

With New Year's just around the corner, it’s time to get ready for some serious partying! It is an occasion of happiness and joy, and certainly some good laughs, so if you’re planning a New Year’s Eve party, then why not consider adding a theme to this year’s festivities and add to the fun?

Themes will 100% make the event that much more memorable and inspire your guests to get creative on this fabulous night of the year, as well as give you an opportunity to get inventive with the food, music and decorations! There are hundreds of dress up themes to choose from for this yea’s New Year’s Eve do but we’ve singled out a few of our favourites that are sure to be a huge hit with friends and family. Read on to get inspired with some of the best party themes ever!

1. Disco Dance Party

In this particular theme, dress up can be funny or fabulous, whichever way you and your guests want to take it! Disco dress up generally consists of all things gold and silver, sequins, bellbottom pants and chunky platform boots, or you can get a bit modern with some dazzling temporary lip tattoos! So go sparkly with flowing sequin dresses or don a disco afro for a barrel of laughs! Browse our disco range for some fab ideas!

2. Black And White Ball

New Year’s is always a time that people want to get dressed up to the nines, so a masquerade ball is a fabulous theme to get people inspired! It’s also a theme in which guests can enjoy the novelty of ball masks to add a bit of excitement and mystery to the party. Whilst you don’t have to do a black and white ball, the concept of black and white is a theme thought to specifically be perfect for New Year, since it’s thought that the black represents the old shadow of the year that we leave behind us and white signifies the upcoming year and the fresh start that the New Year will bring.

3. Back To The Future

This particular New Year’s Eve dress up theme will provide a taste of the late 80’s and 90’s. In this dress up, people dress in a wardrobe from different decades. Whilst it encourages the significance of the past (and an opportunity to harken back to younger days and fashion in a nostalgic homage), this dress up theme also makes for a memorable night and a fabulous fit for New Year’s!

4. Best Of The Year Celebration

In order to remind ourselves of the craziness of the year just gone, this fancy dress theme can be interpreted in a couple of ways: either people can come dressed as one of their best moments that they experienced in that year or guests can dress as a significant person or moment from that year. Following the madness of 2017 we’d expect to see some Donald Trumps and Putins no doubt, perhaps some strawberries and cream if you follow I’m a Celebrity, or any other person or object that guests might find amusing or memorable from the year. Last year we saw many a Harambe for this theme.

5. A Mini Everything Party

In this dress code or theme, people are requested to bring some optional items and props to accompany their outfits such as bow ties, masquerade masks on a stick, mini hats and fascinators and teeny boutonnieres. This can be a really easy dress up theme for those who don’t do a lot of dress up or don’t have much budget for big outfits and can be a good laugh!

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